Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Damselfly addition

I tend to concentrate my efforts on the public areas of Trust land. This means that reports from Gadespring Cress Beds are particularly welcome. Elaine Rushton spotted a new species of damselfly for the site, at the beginning of July (04/07/2015): a male Large Red (Pyrrhosoma nymphal). Last year, at least 4 were patrolling the river Bulbourne, as it runs through Bulbourne Meadow but, as far as I'm aware, there haven't been any other sightings of this widespread and common British damselfly on Trust land.

Over the weekend, Elaine was back at Gadespring. From the hide, she had wonderful views of a Little Egret, feeding up close. Out on the pools, a glistening, golden young Common Frog posed for a brilliant photograph.

© Elaine Rushton

© Elaine Rushton

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It is important to note that Gadespring Cress Beds is still being developed & due to health & safety will only be available for access, other than to wildlife monitors & work parties, at organised events & at times when there is a weekend volunteer warden on duty. General public access is a possibility for the future & this could only happen once the wildlife hide is relocated after planning permission. Keep an eye on this website & blog, as well as the Box Moor Trust website, for details of open days & organised public events when you can visit & explore Gadespring.